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Taklamakan Desert Urumqi Turpan Korla Kuche Hotan Kashgar Tour -13 Days

Destination: Urumqi,Turpan,Korla,Hetian,Kashgar
Duration: Thirteen Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:Suitable for the whole year
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The Taklamakan Desert, also known as Taklimakan and Teklimakan, is a desert in southwest Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, northwest China. It is bounded by the Kunlun Mountains to the south, the Pamir Mountains and Tian Shan to the west and north, and the Gobi Desert to the east.The key oasis towns, watered by rainfall from the mountains, were Kashgar, Marin, Niya, Yarkand, and Khotan (Hetian) to the south, Kuqa and Turpan in the north, and Loulan and Dunhuang in the east. Now many, such as Marin and Gaochang, are ruined cities in sparsely inhabited areas in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1950/persons 1950USD/Person
¡¡Day 1 ¡¡Urumqi

Activity: Arrive Urumqi airport, pick you up and transfer to hotel.

Hotel: Urumqi                                   Meals: Dinner

¡¡Day 2¡¡ Urumqi

Activity:Take a driving for 120km northeast to visit the holy Heavenly Lake (Tianchi). The beautiful lake is flanked by rugged pines and cypresses, with clear melting waters reflecting the surrounding of snow capped mount Bogeda. After the tour, be transferred back to downtown, you can then take a short visit to Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar, which is believed to be the largest outdoor market in town.

 Sightseeing: Heavenly Lake,Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar.

 Hotel: Urumqi                                   Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake

Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar

¡¡Day 3 ¡¡Urumqi - Turpan 

Activity:Today, you will take about 3hours driving to Turpan, on the way, you will pass Urumqi Wind Power Mill, which was built for producing electrical power in the area. After cross the valley of Tianshan we will arrive in the lowest depression of China-Turpan City. Upon arrival, visit the mysterious death city, the Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City, which reveals traces of a prosperous ancient trading center and military stronghold 1,600 years ago. And then visit Emin Minaret (Sugong Pagoda) - the biggest ancient pagoda existing in Xinjiang and the only Islamic ancient pagoda in the country and ancient Karez Well, the underground water supply and irrigation system..

 Sightseeing: Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City, Emin Minaret ,Karez Well.

 Hotel:Turpan                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City

Emin Minaret

Karez Well

¡¡Day 4  ¡¡Turpan 

Activity:Drive to visit Gaochang Ancient City, which was an important garrison town on the Silk Road, Grape Valley, Flaming Mountain and Bezeklik Caves.

 Sightseeing: Gaochang Ancient City,Grape Valley, Flaming Mountain,Bezeklik Caves.

 Hotel:Turpan                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Gaochang Ancient

Flaming Mountain

Bezeklik Caves

¡¡Day 5 ¡¡Turpan -Korla

Activity:In the morning, take a long drive (8hours) to Korla, an oasis town on Peacock River, at the northern edge on the Taklamakan Desert. During the way, you will have chance to visit the Iron Gate Pass. Upon arrival take a boat trip on Bosten Lake which is the largest fresh water lake in China.

 Sightseeing: Iron Gate Pass,Bosten Lake.

 Hotel:Korla                                Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner


Iron Gate Pass

Bosten Lake

Bosten Lake

¡¡Day 6 ¡¡Korla - Kuche

Activity:Our guide and driver will escort you from Korla to kuche,visit Grand Kuqa Mosque, Kuche Friday Bazaar, Subash Anceint City which remains only as ruins, it was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Guici. The city is believed to be even older than the ancient Harappan civilization, which dates back around 4,000 years.

 Sightseeing: Kuqa Mosque, Kuche Friday Bazaar, Subash Anceint City.

 Hotel:Kuche                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Kuqa Mosque

Subash Anceint City

Subash Anceint City

¡¡Day 7 ¡¡Kuche 

Activity:Toaday explore the Kezil Thousand-Buddha Caves.Reputed as one of the Four Great Grottoes in China together with the Mogao Grottos, the Kezil Thousand-Buddha Caves is situated at the north bank of the Muzat River and about 7 kilometers south of the Kezil Town between the Kucha and Baicheng counties in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

There are altogether 236 grottoes already numbered at the foot or on the cliffs of the Mingutag Mountain. Presently, more than 80 of the caves are still complete with well-preserved frescoes covering a total area of 10,000 square meters

 Sightseeing: Kezil Thousand-Buddha Caves.

 Hotel:Kuche                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Kezil Thousand-Buddha Caves

Kezil Thousand-Buddha Caves

Kezil Thousand-Buddha Caves

¡¡Day 8 ¡¡Kuche - Hotan 

Activity:Today, get up early and continue your long driving journey to Hotan. On the way, you will cross the 2nd largest shifting desert in the world - Taklamakan Desert, which means "once inside never out". Enjoy the magnificent vista of countless sand dunes at the height of mountains on the way.

 Sightseeing: Taklamakan Desert.

 Hotel:Hotan                                Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Taklamakan Desert

Taklamakan Desert

Taklamakan Desert

¡¡Day 9 ¡¡Hotan

Activity:Drive to visit the Site of Rewake Buddha Temple which lies in the Julakansiman desert, 40 kilometers away from the Yulong Kashi town of Luopu county in Hetian,the national key protected cultural relic.Pass Hetian River is the unique river, which passes through the second largest desert in the world - Takelamagan Desert. See the Gabi scenery along the river.The visit Hetian Museum.

 Sightseeing: Site of Rewake Buddha Temple,Hetian River,Hetian Museum.

 Hotel:Hotan                                Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Rewake Buddha Temple

Rewake Buddha Temple

Hetian River

¡¡Day 10 ¡¡Hotan - Kashgar

Activity:In the moring take a driving to Kashgar (520km), you will pass some oasis towns like Yarkent, which was the capital of the ancient Uyghur Karahanid Kingdom of 15 th century. Visit a notable knife factory in Yengisar which is famous for knives making. Late in afternoon we will arrive at Kashgar, a main hub of the ancient Silk Road of China.

 Sightseeing: Yarkent.

 Hotel:Kashgar                              Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

¡¡Day 11 ¡¡Kashgar

Activity:In the morning, you can take a leisure stroll along Zhiren Street, an old street with an amazing hand-made stuff from strictly utilitarian cookware to exotic musical instruments. Then come to visit the Id Kah Mosque which is one of the largest and busiest in China. Then, you can take a short visit to Apak Hoja Tomb. If it is Sunday, the local Bazaar will be a good place for you to have a visit. This ancient market attracts locals and merchants from all over Xinjiang and nearby countries such as Pakistan and Kirghizstan.

 Sightseeing: Zhiren Street, Id Kah Mosque, Apak Hoja Tomb, Local Bazaar.

 Hotel:Kashgar                                 Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Id Kah Mosque

Apak Hoja Tomb

Local Bazaar

¡¡Day 12¡¡Kashgar -  Urumqi

Activity:You will take a tour through the Karakurum Highway to Karakul Lake, enjoy the beautiful snow ¨Ccapped mountain of Muztagh Ata and the lake.Take flight to Urumqi.

 Sightseeing: Karakul Lake.

 Hotel:Urumqi                               Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Karakul Lake

Karakul Lake

Karakul Lake

¡¡Day 13 ¡¡Urumqi Departure

Activity: Send you to airport take flight and depart Urumqi.

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